Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Me ... or better Dr. Jackill and Mrs. Hyde

.... now you all can get an idea, who is designing for you :-)) I just had to do this layout with those pics and I love doing "crazy" things, so a real "bad" pic just had to go into it :-) But don't worry, usually I am in a really good mood "lol"

credits: hugs & kisses by me - stamped alpha by M.Fenwick and paperalpha by melgendesign

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


.... yes you can almost smell the arriving of spring :-) at least I am already in "spring mood" and love every single day, it is above 0 Celsius and that the sun is shining :-) Out of this mood I have created my newest kit: "springtime" with lots of handdrawn elements (my arm is still hurting from drawing so much "gg") and I think you will also love those warm colors and the springy mood that comes when working with this kit - but enough talking, here is the preview and it is already in the shop - just click on the preview and it will take you directly there :-)

Oh before I'll forget, this kit will be 20 % cheaper for the next few days - so go grab it quick "gg"

Friday, January 25, 2008

new CT-Member....

.... forgot completely to all let you know, that I have a new CT-member, named Irene! She lives here in Germany too and does wonderful layouts. Check out her blog too :-)

Here her first layout with hugs & kisses :-)

Thursday, January 24, 2008


.... that I've made and forgot to show you - get all 4 for the price of only 3!

A few layouts....

.... that I wanted to share with you, which where done with my kits :-)
credits: "a winter fairy tale" - LO by me :-)

here a layout from Mareen with "hugs&kisses"

and now a layout by Moni with "a winter fairy tale"

and here one by me again with "children's dreams"

and here one by Rory with "children's dreams"

and another one by me with "hugs&kisses"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yes ..... I am back again ...

.... after months and months of having no time to blog, I am back again and will try my best to keep you informed! Well last weekend my shop has been attacked by a hacker and everything was gone. I lost all new customers from november on and all orders as well - so for those of you which have not downloaded your orders - please write to me and I will help you!

The shop is now new and back up and working perfectly - even the new Paypal installed is working PERFECT :-)
So now I will show you the last kits that I have made and the preview of the new freebie in the shop :-)

So lets start with "hugs & kisses"

and a quickpages to this kit:

and before those, there was "children's dreams" for all those princesses, witches and wizards out there :-)

and then the wonderful kit for winter and spring: "A winter fairy tale"

and here the "angel wings" with and without feathers which go so perfectly with layouts created with "a winter fairy tale"

and last but not least, here the preview for the freebie: "hugs&kisses"